Chile, Chile, Everywhere!

July 28, 2006

Green chileHere’s a headline that warms my heart (and eventually a lot of stomachs!) Bumper chile crop is ready to eat

New Mexico hasn’t had a crop to match this year’s in size or quality in five years, said David Lucero, a marketing specialist with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.

Chile roastingNothing smells better than chile roasting (well, maybe coffee perking or bacon frying is as good.) If you don’t live in New Mexico, you really miss out on one of our best rituals; just about every supermarket has a chile roaster and you can buy from many roadside stands. (John and I also – ahem – sell flame-roasted chile on our web site, if you can’t make it to our wonderful state.)

But, enough of shameless self-promotion – here’s the best way to eat just roasted (and peeled) chile. 1. Wrap warm chile in warm flour tortilla. 2. Eat. If you can’t get good locally made tortillas like we have here in New Mexico, the mass produced supermarket ones aren’t bad – just heat in a slightly oiled pan for about thirty seconds on each side.

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